Concrete Surface Preparation

Shotblasting: Shot blasting is a method of concrete surface preparation. It is the most superior surface prep application, as it creates a pronounced surface profile for the installation of any epoxy or polyurethane coating/overlayment. Shot blasting is a self-contained machine that uses small ball peen metal abrasives which are propelled at high velocities towards the substrate, thus in turn creating a surface profile. The shot blast machine is attached to a industrial H.E.P.A. filter, dustless vacuum, where 85% of the shot is recycled and separated from the dust particles which enter the vacuum for later disposal. The surface profile that is created allows for a penetration of the coatings into the concrete and creates a mechanical bond between the surface and the coating.

Diamond Grinding: Is a method of concrete surface preparation, which allows the installers to prep areas where a shot blast machine cannot fit, in areas where there is not sufficient power or, a decorative surface is being installed with a thin mil coating . This method is done by either a 7”, 17”, 24” or 36” grinder that has a diamond metal blade head/s that remove the top layer of concrete from the surface creating a surface profile. All these machines are connected to a industrial, H.E.P.A filter, dustless vacuum that contains 95% of all dust that is created from grinding. There have been many debates about which surface prep method is better, and there is no one right answer. Both methods are very good in achieving a surface profile for coatings to bond to, it just all depends on the dynamics of the job and the specification of which coating is being installed.