Decorative Epoxy Coatings

These coatings use the same properties as a conventional epoxy, meaning that the primer coat and base coat are of the same 100% solids, zero VOC’s epoxy. The difference is that decorative additives are applied. For instance there is a full broadcast epoxy, which uses decorative quartz aggregate and is installed into the epoxy coating, either by a troweled applied method or a broadcast applied method. This application gives the customer a more aesthetic finish. Similar to this application is a procedure using vinyl flake that follows the same application steps, but instead of using quartz aggregate a vinyl flake aggregate is applied into the coating. Decorative epoxies are used in areas where the same protection is desired from the attributes of epoxy, but the final product gives the customer a very attractive looking floor.

Typically Service

  • Restaurant and cafeteria seating areas
  • Commercial kitchen and food preparation areas
  • Grocery
  • Department and retail stores
  • Light to medium duty production areas
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories, production rooms and offices, hospitals, laboratories and health care facilities
  • Museums and galleries
  • Commercial lobbies and office areas
  • Animal shelters and veterinary clinics